The SAVI System
of Singer-Actor Training

created by Charles Gilbert
Professor of Theater Arts and Head of Musical Theater
The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

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What is the SAVI System?

>> A new approach to singing-acting

This innovative behavior-based system is designed to unlock the creative artistry of the singing actor.

>> A new approach to practicing

Practice makes perfect, but what should the singing actor practice? And how? The SAVI singing actor knows how to work on the singer as well as the song.

>> A new approach to role preparation

Take your performance to new levels of clarity and expressiveness with a new set of tools and techniques. Build your singing-acting vocabulary and learn when and how to choose which behavior to use.

In the classroom, the practice room and the rehearsal room, the SAVI System is designed to help you become a Singing Acting Virtuoso (SAVi).

The SAVI System is designed to promote the integration of singing and acting in the musical theater, as well as an incisive understanding of both the similarities and the differences between singing, acting and singing-acting. It identifies foundation techniques of singing-acting, and offers both private and group activities for developing those techniques. It offers a set of tools for song analysis which enable the singing actor to make articulate, expressive behavioral choices, and to execute those choices in a way that is appropriate to the temporal, musical and dramatic structure of a song. Finally, it offers a set of analytical concepts and tools that can be used to evaluate a singing-acting performance, with specific strategies for continuous improvement.

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